Download & Install Subway Surfers For Mac

Being a game junkie user always desire a power packed game within their smartphone, which could take them in full enjoyment and thrilling mode every time. One particular game is Subway Surfers about which every one of you understands very well.

Subway Surfers, sequel of the Temple Run is a game developed by Imangi Studios and was started in the year 2013. This game is made by a team of husband and wife, Keith Shephered and Natalia Luckyanova while Kiril Tchnagov gave art in it. This game can be acquired for all smartphone users like iOS, Android and Windows phone.


Subway Surfers: Gameplay

Subway Surfers is an endless running smartphone game in which the player runs, followed by a monkey monster. While running player has to collect special power-ups and gems.

Gameplay of Subway Surfers is altered somewhat as of previous game with some new barriers added like jets of fire, waterfalls, zip lines, etc. in it Some of the preceding barriers comprise sudden turns, rollers, mountains, cliffs, etc. are still present in the game.

Also with the help of green jewels gathered by them while playing, player can save their life in this sequel. Users can also buy these stone but for this they need to spend some money.

In this part those three are replaced by a giant creature named Cuchanck, although in the original Temple Run game there are 3 imps who chases player. Coming that the player can select is also raised as user will get vast choices to pick from, from four to ten, which can be one of the best moves by the developers.

Some of these recently added characters are Francisco Montoya, Montana Smith and Zack Wonder. But the most well-known characters which are added in this part is Santa Claus; and Usain Bolt, the swiftest runner of the world.

All other characters except Bolt and Santa Claus can be bought with the help of in game coins. Now if user desires to play with Usain Bolt they have to go premium i.e. they’ve to buy it by spending actual cash while Santa can be unlocked with the help of green gems.

Consequently we here tell them how they can play this game on their Mac.

Playing Subway Surfers On Mac:

Smartphone games are easily played on Mac with the aid of Bluestacks. It truly is an emulator app which helps user to run smartphone applications on their Mac.

Subway Surfers For Mac

  • Download install it on your own Mac and Bluestacks.
  • Once it’s installed entirely, type Subway Surfers in its search bar.
  • Click under Subway Surfers game on download alternative and install the game as well.
  • When it is done user can play with Subway Surfers on your own Mac.

Playing Fast Racing 3D on Mac Free

Thousands of games can be found for smartphone users on their specific app stores but there are only few of them, for whom folks are mad for. One game is Fast Racing 3D, which is established under the renowned Need for Speed set in the year 2015.

This game is published by Electronic Arts and is developed by Firemonkeys Studios. One fascinating fact about this game is that it’s an official smartphone game i.e. it is not accessible for desktop computers. But then additionally it can be played using an emulator known as Bluestacks.

Fast Racing 3D

Fast Racing 3D: A Whole New Level of Racing

We all understand that Need for Speed is a gaming show that focus with luxurious and powerful autos on street racing. Interestingly Need for Speed collection had established 21 games under its name, which certainly suggests the popularity level of this gaming series.

And the greatest reason why this game is famed for is its graphical universe that raises utmost passion and excitement together with gives real feeling of a street racing. In this part of the series player has total control over their auto which means it totally depends upon player that how and in which mode they would like to customize their auto.


Gameplay of Fast Racing 3D is nearly same as the previous games of this series with little changes. One of the serious issues confronted by the player while playing previous version of the game was the automobile control mechanism, but in this part that problem is resolved and we confess that most of you’ll like it.

Lately player can readily wander during the race with these operation updated, doesn’t matter how extreme traffic is. Among the most innovative customizing systems on your auto can be found in this game. This attribute gives you the power to design your dream car with the aid of 250 plus components blends.

Playing with Fast Racing 3 D on Mac:

Are you really worried about the way you can play Fast Racing 3D on your own Mac? By using Bluestacks this is for you, smartphone games can be easily played on Macintosh. Merely you have to follow the steps given below to know how it is potential.

Fast Racing 3D for pc

  • Download install it on your Mac and Bluestacks.
  • Once the emulator is installed run it. You’ll locate an internet search bar on 3D in it Racing.
  • Download the game and wait for its installation to be finished.
  • That’s it! The game is installed successfully, and you can now play with it on your own Mac readily.

Word Chums for Mac – Free Download

There are people who are mad for the hardcore games with chills and thrills. But if you have got bored of playing combat game or those highly graphical racing and you’re in search of a game which you can play with no rush in a light mood afterward Word Chums is definitely for you.

All your skills are tested by it and helps you to enrich them. This game was designed by Zynga found in the year 2009 and can be played in your Windows PC. Don’t worry if you possess a smartphones as Word with Friends can be available for smartphones like Android, iOS and Windows phone.

Also if you’re ready to experience this smartphone game as it is on your own Mac, which you can’t by going way that is traditional, but we’ll tell you the best way to get it ready to go on your own Macs.

Word Chums

About Word Chums:

Playing game is one of the finest way if you pick a game that gives you greatest satisfaction then it’s advantageous for you to relax in that time and in a life filled with rush. Word Chums, is an enjoyable and simple game in which player has to construct crossword puzzles.

This game is practically much like that of Scrabble, a classical board game which additionally features solving crossword puzzles. It’s possible for you to play more than 20 matches in a row in this game that makes it a greatest game of its kind.

This game also offers a bonus score attributes in which if a player had placed a word in the DW space there score will be doubled, when a word is placed in TW space while tripled. If you score all seven tiles in one move also 35 bonus points will be rewarded.


Coming to the gameplay, you are going to see that it is almost same like Scrabble. But then additionally you will get something additional in this game. In this game you get seven letter tiles that are randomly picked. Until you use 104 tiles of the board all these tiles will not replenish.

While playing the game you will get your turn by which you’ll be able to either form a word or can swap tiles with those of fresh ones. Forming words is just a simple task as you’re free to go for words that are flat or vertical foundation on the board.

Recall your chief goal in the game would be to score an increasing number of points. Now if you make three scoreless moves then your game will end. Another gameover scenario includes if you’d used each and every tiles gift on board.

Play Word Chums On Mac!

Word Chums pc

  • Download Bluestacks!.
  • Now when the installation is completed, search for Word Chums app in in built search bar.
  • Click on ‘Install’ alternative under the app and wait till it installs.
  • Find the app shortcut from the applications recorded on Bluestacks and start playing with it.

How To Use Gaana Music App On Mac?

Music programs that are on-Line are trending today, and there are many such applications accessible for smartphone users that gives them unleashing music.

Gaana music is an app that meets your music request constantly. You are provided music for every mood by this app. Bharti Airtel Ltd. released this app Gaana Music app can be obtained for all smartphone users and also can be used with assistance from Bluestacks emulator on Mac.


Gaana Music:

Preferences of music lovers change from city to city, generation to generation. All people adore while some are also there who are nuts for music listening music,. One stop option for the unavoidable push of listening music is a web-based music application.

You will find music from all over the world in its library that was abundant, although though the app is developed by an India based business. So you are free to change your music from Rehman to Rihana anytime.

The most difficult situation is to find you tune as you can filter your search by moods, music genres or the artist but it’s an easy job. Not only music but you may also listen to Radio channels on this app.

While some favor English pop songs some of you will love listening songs. But let us surprise you, if you need to listen tunes from some of the conventional languages spoken in India then you might be on the right place, as this app provides you tunes from Tamil, Gujarati, Marathi, Malayalam, Punjabi, Telugu, Bhojpuri, Kannada and Rajasthani songs.

A Few Other Facts:

Above given are the features of the online music streaming application. But it has some other features too that makes it a practical app for all of us. Coming on the user interface afterward Wnyk Music app has a Vernacular UI in both Hindi and English languages.

For listening songs without any gap you must join your smartphone either into a Wifi or with a 3G connection. With four different sound qualities like Low, High, Medium and High Definition you happen to be free to roll on songs.

Use Gaana Music App On Mac:

Gaana download

You must have Bluestacks emulator on you Mac to obtain this on-line music application on your own Mac. This emulator can help you in running Gaana app easily and comfortably. This app can be used by following the steps given below you on Macintosh.

  • Download Bluestacks and run its setup file to start installation.
  • Gaana Music app will be listed. Click below it on Install choice and wait till the app is installed fully.

All done, voila! Open the app and begin listening music. But before you continue remember every time you want to listen music on this particular app you have to first start Bluestacks.